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Private Lessons

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1-on-1 Private Lessons

Select from a number of options based on your availability, commitment and schedule. Take a test drive. You can purchase your first lesson at our base rate and later convert to a package to lock in the better rate. All lessons include use of clubs and balls.

1-ON-1 Format 30-Minute 60-Minute
Single Adult Lesson $55 $110
Single Junior Lesson* $50 $100
Adult 5-Lesson Series $250 $475
Junior 5-Lesson Series $225 $450

2-on-1 Private Lessons

Would you prefer the company of a friend, family or co-worker? Our instructors are used to working with students with varying skill levels. This lesson format is for two golfers who would like to learn or improve their golf game but might differ in their abilities. You register both students. The Academy does not pair individuals. All lessons include use of clubs and balls.

2-ON-1 Format 60-Minute
Single Semi-Private Adult Lesson (for 2 students) $110
Single Semi-Private Junior Lesson (for 2 students) $100
Semi-Private Adult Lesson Package of 5 (for 2 students) $475
Semi-Private Junior Lesson Package of 5 (for 2 students) $450

Schedule & Registration by Facility

East Potomac
Call (202) 554-7660 or Click Below

Book Lessons Here

Call (202) 397-8638

Rock Creek
Call (202) 882-7332

Additional Information

Lessons may be refunded or rescheduled without charge ONLY if the PlayDCGolf Academy is contacted 24 hours BEFORE scheduled lesson. 

If the scheduled lesson is cancelled by the customer WITHIN 24 hours, there will be a $25 cancellation fee per 30-minute lesson. So, rescheduling a 30-minute lesson will cost $25 and rescheduling a 1-hour lesson will cost $50. 

Cancellation fees are so we can compensate our instructors regardless of last minute changes.

The Academy can be reached by phone at 202-554-7660 x 123 or 124 or by email

East Potomac
Lessons are held rain or shine all year-round, including on-course playing lessons. If severe, unsafe weather, our Academy team may elect to cancel or reschedule lessons. In this case, they will notify you by email or phone.

Rock Creek & Langston
No inclement weather facilities are available. Contact the Pro Shop to see if your lesson will be held or rescheduled.



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