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Callaway Fitting Day

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Better FIT. Better GAME. Get Custom Clubfitting at East Potomac for a Better Game!

Club Repair

At East Potomac Golf Links
(202) 554-7660 ext. 0 for Pro Shop

At East Potomac we provide professional and quality service when it comes to repairing your clubs.

Services include:

  • Regripping
  • Shaft extensions
  • Shaft cut-down
  • Re-shafting


At East Potomac Golf Links
Call (202) 554-7660 ext. 0 for Pro Shop

We provide re-gripping service on all golf clubs. Choose from our various assortment of grips.

Bought New Grips from Someone Else?
No problem we can still install them for you with just a labor charge.


Get custom club fitting with your next set of clubs for a better game!

Cost: $85 for 1-hour fitting with a playDCgolf Academy teaching professional using our Flightscope Launch Monitor for swing data, club head speed, and attack angle.

Also includes basic fitting information like loft, lie, hand to floor measurement (for shaft length), and recommendations on shaft and grips.

Brands: We have fitting carts for Callaway, PING, Srixon and Cobra. Other brands can be ordered upon request.


One-hour fitting with a playDCgolf Academy teaching professional using our Launch Monitor to collect swing data.

Fitting Specs & Club Recommendation

Your fitter will mix and match different clubs and head/shaft combinations for you to hit during the fitting with the goal to maximize your distance. The Launch Monitor will collect data on your club face impact; club face angle; ball launch; ball spin rate; ball speed; club attack angle; and club path. This is also when your fitter compares between clubs and gets data to support which club is right for you.

You'll receive basic information after the fitting like recommended club head loft, club head lie, club shaft length, club shaft flex and grips that match your swing. Your fitter will suggest options on the best clubs for you, including set makeup (i.e. specific number and type of irons, hybrids, woods) with the associated club pricing options. If you're not in the market to purchase new clubs, your fitter also can recommend adjustments to be made to your current golf clubs (if technically feasible).


We have a professional Callaway fitting cart. If you'd like to order a different brand club like Wilson, PING, etc., your fitter can use your launch monitor specs to fit you for any brand. We offer competitive pricing on all major brands.


$85 for one-hour fitting.


Please call the playDCgolf Academy Sales Office at (202) 554-7660 ext. 3.

Note: If you're already taking lessons with one of our instructors, feel free to ask him/her if a professional club fitting with launch monitor would be a good step for you.

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